Bryton Kelley a.k.a Kingpin started making music in early 2012, being heavily influenced by electronic music, and has been honing his craft and developing his sound ever since.

Levy Wales

Beau Levy Westmoreland, March 17, 1981 Council Bluffs, Iowa As a young man Levy moved at the age of 12 to southeast Oklahoma (Boswell) a small town located about 10 miles south of the Red River bordering Texas and Oklahoma. At a very young age he always showed interest in…

She Got Heat

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[playlist ids="2180,2015,2013"] Tasco was born and raised in Southeastern Oklahoma. Born in Idabel in 1981, Tasco was brought up in an area of Oklahoma that has a mixture of races and cultures. McCurtain County consists of a couple big towns and many small towns all in close proximity. Growing up…


[playlist ids="2009,2004,2001"] Check Out J.M.E's DPK J.M.E was born and raised in Denver, CO, making “Parkhill” his stomping grounds. As he was growing up, he lived and breathed hip hop. Music has always played a part in his life. J.M.E was inspired to follow his dream with the tragic loss…